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The Quartus Foundation comes together on December 31st of each year for this spiritual event. It was called World Healing Day, the World Instant of Cooperation, World Peace Day– a moment of Oneness to dissolve the sense of separation and return human kind to Godkind.

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John Randolph Price and Jan Price

 John Randolph Price and Jan Price were co-founders of the Quartus Foundation for Spiritual Research, a non-profit organization formed in 1981.  The international organization was dedicated to the research and interpretation of the philosophic mysteries, and to the communication of the eternal truths as a contribution to those seeking a more fulfilling life.

John and Jan were originators of World Healing Day, a global mind-link for peace involving millions of people that began on December 31, 1986 — with the Los Angeles Times reporting up to 400-million participants. The event has continued on the same date and time each year. In recognition of this effort for peace, they were presented the Light of God Expressing Award by the Association of Unity Churches in 1986.

John Price, at one time a CEO in the corporate world, later became the author of 18 nonfiction books incorporating ancient wisdom, contemporary metaphysics and spiritual philosophy, including the national bestsellers The SUPERBEINGSThe Angels Within Us, and The Abundance Book. He also authored three fiction books, with Balboa Press publishing his final book, Once and Once Again, in 2014.

Jan Price was an internationally known teacher-lecturer, and author of The Other Side of Death, a widely acclaimed book based on her near-death experience in 1993 and her remarkable journey beyond the veil.

Jan and John were guests on the Geraldo Rivera Show in 1997 to talk about her death-and -return adventure and the work of angels on her behalf. And in January 2000, her experience was dramatized on the Lifetime Television Network show Beyond Chance. They also appeared on the Wisdom Channel, major market TV, and on network radio to discuss their books and offer insights on living freely and fully with love and harmony.

The Prices devoted more than 50 years to researching the philosophic mysteries and integrating those teachings with spiritual metaphysics. Their workshops covered topics from raising consciousness, to facing change creatively, the secret of success, healing relationships, health and wholeness, and the abundance principle. Their objective: To empower people to live freely, fully, and richly – with love, harmony, and peace as the keynotes.

In 1992, John was  named recipient of the 1992 Humanitarian Award presented by the Arizona District of the International New Thought Alliance, and in 1994 he was presented the INTA’s Joseph Murphy Award in recognition of the major contribution his books have made to positive living throughout the world. In August 2001, John and Jan were given doctorate degrees by the Emerson Institute. In 2003, the Holmes Institute conferred upon John the Doctor Humane Letters. In 2007, he was named one of the world’s 500 leading visionaries by The Visionaries Project in England. In 2009, at the 94th annual International New thought Alliance World Congress, Jan and John were presented The Torch Bearer Award in honor of their work in championing the principles and cause of New Thought.

On April 2, 2011 Jan Price passed from this plane. On July 25, 2014 John Price also crossed over.